November Promotions!

For the month of November we have several new promotions that we are offer. Let QB Doc fill you in on what they are….

QuickBooks Enterprise

Receive 40% off on QBES 5-30 User! This offer expires as of November 15,2013! Don’t miss a deal like this! Also you can now get our Add-on modules, either Advanced Inventory or Advanced Pricing or both!


Point of Sale

Receive a free hardware bundle or free IPP350 Pin Pad/ Credit Card Reader with an approved POSMAS account and V.2013 Point of Sale. This offer is only valid through November 30,2013!



In addition to the other Point of Sale offer, Point of Sale customers get the following discounts when they apply for a Merchant Service account!

-20% discount off monthly fee

-No Set up Fee

-Pricing discounts

-Monthly Service: $15.95

-Monthly Minimum: $0-$15.00

-Qual Rate: 1.69%/Mid-Qual:2.80%/ Non-Qual: 3.99%

-Auth Fee: Qual and Mid-Qual: $0.29, Non-Qual: $0.36

Merchant must be Approved to qualify.

This offer is valid until November 30,2013!

For more information on our November Promotions contact QB Doc at 775-348-9200!


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