5 Reasons to sync GoPayment with QuickBooks Point of Sale!

Linking GoPayment’s with QuickBooks Point of Sale! 5 Reasons we want to fill you in on!

1. Automatically sync up sales with bookkeeping. GoPayment’s software boasts many helpful features, but most business owners still have to combine its transaction information with the rest of their back-office functions. With the integration of GoPayment and QuickBooks POS, your transaction data is automatically synced with the accounting software on an hourly basis (or more often, if you wish).

2. Leverage customer contact information. Customer data collected  during transactions (names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) can be transferred from the GoPayment-enabled device into QuickBooks POS. This allows you to better manage this data and use it to send out alerts, offer personalized discounts or gift cards, and even keep tabs on loyalty programs.

3. Track inventory. When GoPayment is synced with QuickBooks POS, your business inventory information is adjusted each time a mobile transaction is completed. This lets you monitor what’s in stock in real time and reorder products when your inventory falls below a certain level.

4. Monitor activities at multiple locations. Let’s say you have several different mobile devices equipped with GoPayment card readers, and they’re being used simultaneously at different locations inside a store or at an event. QuickBooks POS lets you monitor sales from all of the devices on one computer instead of having to check each mobile device manually.

5. Access business reports. With QuickBooks POS, you can generate numerous different reports to identify purchasing trends and track inventory and sales on a daily basis. Syncing GoPayment with QuickBooks POS incorporates all mobile credit card transactions into your bookkeeping so that you can determine how well your mobile-payment initiatives are working.


Interested in purchasing GoPayment or Point of Sale? Give QBDoc a call at 775-348-9200 to get all your answers. You can also visit us online at www.qbdoc.com


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