QuickBooks Point of Sale: What Every Small Business Needs

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-Pricing discounts

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November Promotions!

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QuickBooks Enterprise

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Point of Sale

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In addition to the other Point of Sale offer, Point of Sale customers get the following discounts when they apply for a Merchant Service account!

-20% discount off monthly fee

-No Set up Fee

-Pricing discounts

-Monthly Service: $15.95

-Monthly Minimum: $0-$15.00

-Qual Rate: 1.69%/Mid-Qual:2.80%/ Non-Qual: 3.99%

-Auth Fee: Qual and Mid-Qual: $0.29, Non-Qual: $0.36

Merchant must be Approved to qualify.

This offer is valid until November 30,2013!

For more information on our November Promotions contact QB Doc at 775-348-9200!


With Demandforce be able to………

1)      Connect with customers

2)      Improve your online reputation

3)      Promote your business through the Demandforce network

4)      Reactivate lost customers

5)      Boost customer satisfaction

6)      Track Results

Demandforce is perfect for business owners looking to communicate and connect with customers. Demandforce automatically manages your email and text communications. We’ll send reminders, deliver follow-up information, and reach out with marketing campaigns so you can worry about more important things. Demandforce will help you customize your online marketing, send you appointment reminders and past due reminders, and survey your clients and pass it back to you. With Intuit local, be discovered by millions of consumers with becoming part of our directory, letting us track your stats for you so you know business growth, letting us customize your business profile page, and be able to work with a software you can trust. You can work on promoting your reputation as a business. Demandforce taps into your client base for certified review, then spread those reviews across all the top sites. With this you are spreading the word about your business, being noticed to a high extent, and easily run social media campaigns.  Make all this easier because Demandforce is offered on your mobile phone, you can get an email tracker to track more clients, and Demandforce postcards are sent to your customers automatically.

For more information on Demandforce call QB Doc today at 775-348-9200!

What is Advanced Inventory and What is Advanced Pricing?

            What is Advanced Inventory?

Advanced Inventory is the most efficient way to manage inventory in QuickBooks. Track inventory through multiple warehouses down to the bin location level. Be able to transfer items from one location to another; get detailed reports by location, and use barcode scanning to manage items. Advanced Inventory helps you save time by tracking inventory directly within Enterprise Solutions.

Who is Advanced Inventory directed towards?

Typical business profile:

Inventory-based businesses  such as distribution, service-based like HVAC, and manufacturing.

What are Advanced Inventory specific features?

-Bin location tracking

-Barcode Scanning

-FIFO Inventory Costing

-Serial numbers and lot tracking

-Multi-location inventory

Multi-Location Inventory

There are many pains that businesses owners have to deal with such as; inventory items are kept in multiple locations and you need to know the quantity of each;

you have difficultly  to reorder or restock since products are spread out; and you don’t want to have to keep inventory data in separate programs.

The solution to these issues is Advanced Inventory. With Advanced Inventory you can:

1)    See quantity on hand, what’s available, and reorder points for each location.

2)    Be able to transfer inventory from one location to another to meet demand without delay.

3)    Track any type of location: multiple warehouses, different staging areas, service tracking, consignment, and even goods on the water.

Bin Locations

Some pains that business owners deal with when it comes to bin location include; warehouse people need to be able to find the right items for fulfillment; customers need to keep some inventory separate for quantity assurance and special manufacturing.

The solution to this issue is once again Advanced Inventory. With Advanced Inventory you can:

1)    You can track specific inventory items down to the bin/row/shelf location level within one or more warehouses.

2)    When filling out forms, automatically see quantities and serial or lot numbers for each bin.

3)    Be able to sort pick lists and item receipts by location so you can have efficient picking and stocking. 

Lot Tracking 

A business has many other pains they have to deal with. Specifically  with Lot Tracking, business owners deal with they need to track lot information for purchases and sales for recall needs, custom fields don’t provide all the information needed like what items are still on hand, and tracking in another application can double data entry.

The solution to this issue involves Advanced Inventory. With Advanced Inventory be able to:

1)    Lots can be entered at the time of purchase, transfer, build and sale.

2)    Critical information is entered because employees have warnings to help them.

Serial numbers

When it comes to serial numbers business owners have to deal with the need to track serial numbers for purchase and sale warranty or recall needs, custom fields don’t provide  all the information needed like what items are still on hand, and tracking in another application can cause double entry.

The solution is simple. With Advanced Inventory be able to:

1)    Serial numbers can be entered at the time of purchase, transfer, build, and safe.

2)    Enter in batch or auto select the next available.

3)    Warnings help employees remember all critical information.

4)    Reports can help you track items purchased, sold, and still on the shelf.

FIFO Inventory Costing 

The business owners have to deal with several things when it comes to FIFO Inventory Costing like existing FIFO based companies wants a solution that will accommodate their existing costing method, FIFO has tax advantages for some businesses, and to calculate FIFO inside the program is time-consuming and likely inaccurate.

The solutions to these issues is:

1)    Users can choose FIFO whenever you want and change it back to average as well.

2)    All reports and inventory information will reflect cost lots, rather than the average cost once the preference is turned on.

Barcode Scanning

The pains to barcode scanning include; complex or large item lists making finding the right product almost impossible and created room for error and inefficient; manually entering serial number can be very time consuming.

The solutions to these issues:

1)    Increase efficiently and reliability for data entry by being able to scan items and serial numbers

2)    Be able to print barcode labels from inside QuickBooks

3)    Let QuickBooks create barcodes for you.

4)    Integrates with any simple USB barcode scanner. 

What is Advanced Pricing?

Advanced Pricing has flexible functionality to save you time and improve the bottom line. Use pricing to your advantage by being able to create unlimited number of sophisticated price rules; set rules based on any combination of customers, items, vendors, classes, custom fields, and more; offer quantity discounts and seasonal promotions; and select and change price rules at transaction time. Advanced Pricing Add-on works right inside Enterprise Solutions, so it’s easy to get started- you don’t have to learn separate software.

Advanced Pricing has a new feature called Price Rules.

Automatically apply based on:




-Sales Rep

-Data Range

Combination of Conditions

10,000 Max

Automatically Updates Pricing

Quantity Discounts

There are many pains that business owners have to deal with when it comes to quantity discounts such as; there is no automatic way to set price breaks for large quantity orders, manual workarounds create errors, and there’s a limited number of price levels. 

The Solution is by using Advanced Pricing be able to:

1)    Add discounts based on the quantities you want to set.

2)    Automatically applies when the items are sold.

3)    Available for service, inventory part, assemble, and non-inventory items.

Complex Pricing Rules

The pain that many business owners deal with when it comes to pricing rules are you need more flexible pricing than the basic/rigid price level functionality QuickBooks support and the manual updates if you want to offer new pricing based on a combination of quantity, date/season, vendor, etc.

The solutions is with Advanced Pricing be able to:

1)    Set sophisticated price rules based on any combination of customers, items, vendors, classes, custom fields, and more.

2)    Be able to apply multiple price rules at once and be able to change which price rules apply at transaction time.

For more information on Advanced Inventory or Advanced Pricing call QB Doc today at 775-348-9200!  

QuickBooks Pro vs. Premier


-With Pro, you can help your business more effectively manage your finances and save time on the back-office tasks. Users can organize their business finances all in one place with a centralized view of customers, vendors, and employee information.

-With Pro, save time on everyday tasks such as cash flow, management of invoices, and paying bills.

Pro makes accounting easy from set up to learning to using.

Pro is perfect for medium size to large businesses.

-With Pro, be able to pay bills, track expenses, print checks, manage payroll, create invoices, and so much more.




Premier provides specific industry reporting and more than 150 sales, financial, and tax reports.

-With Premier, customize tools for tracking inventory, creating purchase orders, and setting pricing levels.

Premier also offers forecasting of future sales, expenses, and growth opportunities.

The key difference between these two is Premier has more reports and is industry specific where Pro does not.



With QuickBooks 2014 just arriving back in September Pro and Premier have several new and improved features. They include:

-The first new feature is the bounced checks feature. Now you are able to track bounced checks to make running a business a little easier.

– The second new feature is the zero dollar bill payment stub.

-The third new feature is the income tracker. The income tracker was added to the customer center. With the new income tracker, see who’s paid and who hasn’t. The income tracker shows all your income-producing transaction in one spot, including overdue invoices so you can remind your customers to pay up.

-An improved feature is the QuickBooks email experience. You can now add multiple attachments, customize email templates to include customers or job information and see prior email conversations.

-The second improved feature is QuickBooks online banking experience. Improved bank feeds pull in all your banking transactions from multiple banks and accounts to view and categorize them for tax time.

-The third improved  feature is the home page customization.

-The fourth improved feature is the reports ribbon.

-Other features include being able to see reports in one click and other improvement our customers asked for.


For more information about Pro and Premier contact QB Doc today at 775-348-9200!

QuickBooks Payment Solutions

When it comes to credit card processing there is three things that every business should know about it:

1)    Most will benefit from accepting credit cards. You may be wondering how?

a)     Make more money: Consumers spend 2x more when using a credit card than cash. 52% of small businesses accepting credit cards make $500+ a month in revenue.

b)    Get paid faster: 74% small business owners say accepting credit cards help them avoid non-payment or debt.

c)     Improve cash flow: Last year, 45% of 1,000 small business owners cited “ not getting paid on time by clients and customers” as the biggest challenge when it comes to cash flow.


2)    Processing credit cards in QuickBooks gives even more benefits.

a)     Save time and sanity: 78% of QuickBooks Merchant Service users have saved on average of 6.9 bookkeeping hours per month with automatic integration and reconciliation. When it comes down to it that is about 82 hours a year!

b)    Reduced errors: 75.5% of QuickBooks Merchant Service users say that QuickBooks automatic integration and reconciliation of payment reduces the errors caused by manual entry transitions.

c)     A better experience: 71.5% of QuickBooks Merchant Service users that switched from another user said they were more satisfied.


3)    What business owners may think.

a)     “ I don’t want to pay a monthly service fee.” : With the built in payment system, you are saving 6 hours per month. With this you are saving time and money. We also have promotions we you have the choose of two options. That will be discussed later.

b)    “ My existing Merchant Service already integrates.” : No one integrates the way QuickBooks can. Our payment service is completely built-in to the QuickBooks workflow.

New Payment features in QuickBooks Financial

1)    Design: The new feature is modernized and refreshed. Now the new design improved workflow and functionality.

2)    Invoice Interface: Now you can communicate from within invoice interface between merchant and customer  .

3)    Payment types: Now there is credit cards, checks-that are entered off paper checks, and Bank-to-Bank transfer

4)    Payment Method: Now in QuickBooks, mobile devices, and email invoices.

Special Promotion for Merchant Service

Intuit QuickBooks Pro/Premier customers save Big with Intuit Payment Solutions! We are now offering two offers to choose from:

Offer One:

For QuickBooks Pro/Premier customers only……$0/ month, transaction rates are same for all tiers(flat rate):

a)     3.25%

b)    $0.25 per transactions for non qual($0.18 for qual and mid-qual)

Offer Two:

a)     No Set up Fee (59%)

b)    2 Months Free( $39.90 savings)

c)     Includes GoPayment for $0.00 monthly!

d)    Pricing discounts

-Monthly Service: $19.95

– Monthly Minimum: $0

-Qual Rate: 1.69%/Mid-Qual: 2.52%/Non-Qual: 3.96%

-Auth Fee: Qual and Mid-Qual: $0.29, Non-Qual: $0.36

Receive a Free Intuit Mobile credit card readers with an Approved Merchant Service account.


This offer is only valid through October 31st! Don’t miss a deal like this! For more information call QB Doc today at 775-348-9200!